figma Mikasa Ackerman Review

What do you get when take my favorite character from one of my favorite shows and make her into an entry in my favorite figure line? You get today’s review, of course! At long last, I am now the proud owner of figma Mikasa.

Man, where do I even start? I usually begin with the packaging, though since figma has standardized their box design, these days if you’ve seen one figma box, you’ve seen them all.


_1080377Clean, solid colors and product photos. It’s a spare design that lets the figure do the talking. Let’s ditch the box though and check out the figure itself.

_1080127She strikes an impressive pose! The sculpt is faithful and doesn’t leave a whole lot to be desired, though that could in part be due to the excellently designed AoT soldier uniform. Without any particularly flashy or gaudy design elements to take up the sculpting team’s time, care has been taken to properly render all of the creases, folds and layers on the uniform. The Survey Corps emblems have also received a crisp, clean paint job. Where the sculpt really shines though is in the maneuver gear.

_1080148I’m skipping straight to the accessories because they make me so giddy. The 3D maneuver gear that comes included in the box is so cool. Detailing is exact, all the way down to the bolts. What makes me so excited about it though is simply the way everything fits together.

_1080145The gear fastens to Mikasa via a series of pegs; the reel pack has a peg that slides into a slot in her back, and both sheathes have pegs that slide into slots on her legs. The cable launchers, too, have pegs that slide into her waist. Having so many pegs really really allows you a degree of freedom in your posing, without having to worry about the gear popping off all the time.

_1080163It gets even cooler, though. The way the cables, the blades, and the triggers work is almost identical to how they do in the show. In other words, everything on the gear is fully detachable. The blades detach from the triggers, the triggers detach from the fuel lines, and the fuel lines can be plugged into holsters underneath the jacket. This is a level of functionality that I didn’t expect, and it really blew me away.

_1080168For me, the most fun poses are the dynamic mid-air ones. In order to accommodate poses like this, a lot of extras have been included. For one, you can detach a small piece from on top of the reel pack, and replace it with an exhaust smoke effect.

_1080261The cable launchers also have a pair of holes that will accept a couple different types of effects. For one, there’s a pair of semi-rigid cables that, when positioned, create the illusion that Mikasa has just launched her lines. This effect is completed by a pair of parts that replicates exhaust given off by the cable launch mechanism.

_1080254Besides the maneuver gear itself though, my favorite effect part is, by far, one that wasn’t even advertised in any of the promotional material. Mikasa comes with a pair of wires that slot into the cable launchers. At the end of these wires are plastic hooks that allow you to hang Mikasa from stuff.

In these photos, I’ve simply used the wires to create poses that wouldn’t have been possible with the rigid plastic wires. The ability to hang Mikasa around my room is pretty damn cool, though. There are some balance issues, but nothing too difficult to work around.


_1080342Rounding out the accessories is a billowing Survey Corps cape. It’s sculpted in such a way that it’ll look proper when you decide to put Mikasa in a mid-air maneuver pose. Unfortunately there’s no “at-rest” cloak, or a fabric one like you see on some figmas. But at that point, I’m just being greedy!


_1080310There’s one more extra piece that was, at first, kind of puzzling. You can take off Mikasa’s signature scarf and replace it with a plain white collar. I initially thought that posing her without her scarf for any reason would be far too sad, and wondered why the functionality would even be included at all… and then I understood.

_1080388With the white collar, the figure just becomes a generic body that other figma heads can be swapped onto. Who knew Saber would look so good in those Survey Corps greens?

_1080289First run Mikasa sold out almost instantly, but the demand convinced GSC to manufacture enough for another production run. Mikasa is still available via AmiAmi


















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