Nendoroid Colossal Titan Review

Warning: minor spoilers for the first episode.

Seems like a lot of people out there are starting to feel Attack on Titan fatigue. Not me, of course! I only mention it because, if you’re one such individual, it’s only going to get worse for you from here on out. See, Shingeki was and is a colossal (hur-dur) success; however, since it will be some time before we get another season (let’s not kid ourselves, we’re getting another season), the suits in charge of the brand need to keep the hype train going in the best way they know how… lots and lots of merchandising!

Last year, we saw the vanguard – the torrent of cheap trinkets like keychains, clear files and stationary. Starting now, however, Good Smile and other figure companies are beginning to release the kind of stuff that really makes fans drool. First in an ever lengthening line of Attack on Titan figmas and Nendoroids is the Nendoroid Colossal Titan Play Set.

Notice that the branding uses the word “play set” on a product primarily targeted to adults (or man-children with disposal income, like myself). Let me tell you, I haven’t been so excited about something referred to as a playset since I was like… twelve.


As this is a playset, everything comes in an extra-large Nendoroid box. So big, in fact, that it wouldn’t fit in my light box. Woops! Alternate packaging always makes the toy inside feel just a bit more special, but my OCD tendencies can’t help but be annoyed at the fact that the package doesn’t fit nicely with all of my other Nendoroid boxes. Grrr!


If you own a few Nendoroids, you’ll likely notice some unique things about Nendoroid Colossal Titan right off the bat. Most significantly, there’s been an effort to add new swivel joints to the knees and elbows, allowing for a few key signature poses. This doesn’t approach the level of figma in terms of poseability, but it still offers a range of motion mostly unseen in the Nendoroid line.


Also unique is that Colossal’s jaw is on it’s own joint, allowing you to move his mouth up and down. Naturally, this allows him to chomp on the poor villagers included with the set, though I’ll get to that in a bit.

In most of the promotional material, Colossal is depicted with his goofy Nendoroid-style face, though Good Smile saw fit to include a more realistic one as well in case you desperately want to up the creepiness factor.


God, even the cutesy face is kind of unsettling from the right angle:


Anyway, Colossal Titan is cool on his own, but this set really lives in the extra pieces. For starters, it comes with it’s own little slice of Wall Maria:


It looks a little plain here, but that’s because Colossal Titan hasn’t had any time to do his thing yet:



That’s better! Wall Maria comes with both damaged and undamaged pieces, so you can depict the Zhiganshina district pre and post Colossal Titan. Apparently, you can also connect your slice of the wall with other peoples’ in order to make a full circle. I unfortunately don’t know enough Colossal Titan owners to demonstrate this effect, but it’s cool that the functionality exists!

Colossal Titan can’t be expected to conduct a titan invasion all by his lonesome, so included in this set are three of his little titan buddies for you to set loose on Zhinganshina.


I was impressed that they even included these pieces in the set, and even more so that they’re specific, memorable titans from the show. You’ve got the titan that ate Eren’s mom, the Moe titan that terrorized Eren’s squad on their first deployment, and the “I’m-late-for-anime-school” jogging titan. That last one sticks in my craw a little bit, though; see, before the release of the set, Good Smile teased the existence of this extra titan, but kept his identity under wraps until the release. With all of the secrecy surrounding the piece, I thought we were going to see a tiny little Armor Titan, or even the Female Titan. Alas, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed by my own hype. This is in no way a minus, but I do find myself a little baffled that they even bothered making such a big deal out of the third “mystery titan.”

Anyway, the extras don’t stop there; also included are a number of small plastic houses, which reminded me of the properties that come with a Monopoly board. I bet, with a handful of Monopoly houses, you could really make this set feel like a city. However, a city is only as good as it’s people, and fortunately, the play set comes with a number of helpless civilians for your titans to terrorize.


Both the smiling titan and Moe titan have specially built hands that allow them to grip their victims. Even better, smiling titan has a hinged jaw so that he can jam the poor villagers into his gullet. The effect is creepy, but also oddly adorable. If things start to get too morbid for you though, fear not! You can stage your own counterattack with some included maneuver gear soldiers.


This is pretty clever; basically, the exhaust effect acts as a stand that allows you to attach the soldiers to the chimneys of certain houses. I like to root for the good guys, so on my shelf, these pieces are usually posed getting ready to deliver the killing blow!


All in all, this is a really fun set – what it lacks in detail it makes up for in sheer volume, from the houses, to the mini figures. Good Smile really wanted to hit off their line of AoT products on a good note, and the Colossal Titan Playset is a very solid, promising step forward. 






Nendoroid Colossal Titan Playset is still available via AmiAmi


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